Red Devil Baseball Club FAQs

 Number of games?

·         Roughly 30/35/40 for 10s/12s/14s

·         This game count includes the WLLL or Pony seasons

 When does season start?

·         Early Spring

 When will the season end?

·         July 1

 Why are you having tryouts now?

·         The initial goal of the Club is to corral the players in other competitive travel baseball organizations and to bring them in to the West Lafayette system; with a focus on proper instruction of hitting, fielding, base running and pitching.

·         In competitive travel baseball, teams are set in the early fall. For that reason, we felt it necessary to have a tryout at this time.

 How much will RDBC cost?

·         $350/$400/$450

·         But it will also depend on the number of kids on the team

·         There will be fundraisers to help individuals lower their costs

 What do we get in return for all that money?

·         This will all be spelled out to you before you make any commitment.

·         We will be 100% transparent with our budget.

·         Nike Uniform (pants, belt, 2 shirts, varsity hat, socks, helmet)

·         Games (umpire fees, league fees if we join CITL)

·         Tournaments (fees, gate fee, baseballs)

·         Insurance

·         Indoor practices @ Burtsfield in early spring if necessary

 Does the cost include WLLL or Pony fees?

·         No

 Does my son have to play RDBC to be able to play Pony or WLLL?

·         No


Does my son have to play RDBC to be a WLLL All-Star?

·         No


Does my son have to play RDBC to play high school baseball for Coach Strode?

·         No.

How will players be evaluated at the tryout?

·         Teams will be evaluated by independent evaluators selected by Coach Strode

 When will teams be selected?

·         ASAP after all tryouts

 How many teams will there be?

·         This depends on the number of players who come out

 Will the teams play live arm exclusively?

·         Yes

·         High school rules – lead offs, steals on pitcher movement, etc.

 How far will the teams “travel” for games/tournaments?

·         Not more than 1 hour away for a game or double-header

·         Not more than 2 hours away for a tournament

 Who will coach these teams?

·         To be determined, some teams may have paid coaches, other teams may have volunteers.

Can my son play up?

·         No

 How are the age-groups broken down?

·         Age on April 30 is how we will determine your son’s age group.

 Do I have to play WLLL or Pony?

·         Yes

 Who can play on the teams?

·         Anyone attending or planning to attend WL schools.